Tuesday 10 April 2012

Trailstar Door

Just ordered, today, a Trailstar Door from Oookworks.

35 grm Cuben Fibre, for £35.

I've followed the comments on the various innovative custom inners that Sean has produced for the MLD Duomid, Trailstar and Golite. He has a very good reputation for producing well made first class gear with excellent workmanship.

I think the idea of a light easily fixed door for The trailstar is so simple and yet I never thought to even try to rig up a door/vestible - (like I did a few years ago when I was playing around with my two tarp set up - above).

I know I could have done with one, for sure, on last year's TGO. I had pitched over a clump of heather and had limited room for laying out under the Trailstar. The winds were swirling round. Consequently, I put my waterproof over the end of my bivy bag. It worked, but, a door would have been a much better option.

I'm looking forward to using it.

And it will be available in time for the TGOC.

Great to have a UK Cottage manufacturer producing imaginative and innovative designs with top class workmanship.


  1. That saves you replying to the message board then.
    £35. Bloody expensive this Cuben Fibre.
    I might still be tempted, but do you need a door if you have an Oookstar inner?

    I suppose I will know after 3 days in Langdale at the end of next week.

    Be interested in your field test when you get it.

    1. Oops, replied on Message Board before reading this.

      I'm still of the bivy persuasion vs the Oookstar inner, but, I'm open to feedback from field tests - after Langdale? You do yours and ........................

      BTW more of concern!! I heard that the bar in the ODG has changed. If this is true, I will be shedding a little tear or two.

      Have a great time in Langdale: one of my favourite places - where I met my wife!!