Friday, 14 February 2020

TGOC 2020 Gear List

Gear lists are personal - although I know a lot of people who like to see what others are taking when they go backpacking.

This is my gear list for TGOC 2020.

The weather for the TGOC can vary: ( forget the nice, sunny, dry, crossings which can give a sense of false security) 

- potentially: lots of rain, hail, sleet, snow; mixed with ferocious winds, cold, freezing, baltic, pleasant, warm, boiling etc., ............. and that can just be the first day!

To ensure comfort and safety I carry more than absolutely necessary: if I knew there was going to be a warm,dry, sunny two weeks, I'd carry less. 

X-Mid Shelter 903
Groundcover 100
Stakes 128
PHD Minim Marathon S/Bag 545
Valley and Peak APEX Overquilt 430
Pillow 46
X Therm Mat 511
Total 2663
Carried and worn 
Cuben bags 77
Tramplite Pack 758
Tuff Bags 75
Fleece Gloves 52
XL Buffalo Mitts 96
Black Rock Down hat 28
Brynje beanie 67
As Tucas Sestrals trousers 209
Buff  37
Buffalo Curbar 276
OMM Aether 205
Paclite Trousers 231
Bed socks x 2 66
Macpac Nitro 150
Brynje s/s Tee Shirt 120
Rohan Pants x 2 90
Boxer shorts x 2 84
Altra Loen Peak shoes 742
Darn Tough Socks x 2 190
Zueks 350
PHD Down Vest 94
Nunatuk JMT 239
PHD Down socks 110
Compass 42
Maps - print off ( weight for each "stage" - posted on) 50
Blizzard stake/toilet trowel 20
Kitchen roll 40
Tissues 40
e-lite 27
Cards and rail card 25
1st Aid Pack 151
PLB 144
Knife 59
Reading glasses in case 75
Alpkit Arnison trousers 470
OR Gaiters 81
Rohan U/L Tees x2 75
Sit mat 29
Anker charger 199
Leads and plug 68
Galaxy A7 185
Headphones 38
Wash bag 188
Sunglasses 40
Locus Gear CP3 Poles 350
Pee Bottle 60
Sigg Bottle 0.6L 107
Platypus 2L 41
Total carried and worn 6950
Less worn 1979
Carried 4974
Hand sanitizer 57
Toaks 900 + 2 stoves + Caldera Cone 238
Wildo 0.6L folding cup 46
Folding bowl 82
Lighters x 2 40
Matches 20
Total 483

Buffalo Curbar 276
Rohan Pants 45
Altra Shoes 742
Darn Tough Socks 95
Alpkit Arnison Trousers 470
OR Short Gaiters 81
Brynje S/S T shirt 120
Macpac Nitro 150
Shelter & Bedding  2663
All carried - less kitchen 4974
Kitchen - excluding fuel 483
Carried less fuel and food/whisky 8120
Food incl whisky 2200
Grand total carried 10320
Fuel - whole trip 700
Max carried 11020

I've broken the weights into sections and also showed the weights with and without food/whisky and fuel. 

The max carried is a smidge over 11k.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Tramplite Shelter for Sale (SOLD)

For sale: Mk 1 Tramplite Shelter at £330 including post and packaging ( UK only ).

This was bought in January 2015 and has been used on 4 TGO Challenges and on a number of shorter trips. 

It has a 3/4 zip door and 3 extra foul weather guys were fitted to it later. Unlike later versions, this Mk 1 version was not made to pitch as one - although fitting/removing the inner is quick and easy. This shelter needs a taut pitch and good stakes ( not included ).

Information on the latest Tramplite Shelters - including their costs - the way they are constructed and Lifespan - is available on the Tramplite Gear website.

Although used, it has not been abused. I always used either Polycro or Tyvek to protect the Cuben floor.

I have written a number of posts - previously in this Blog - about the Tramplite Shelter - and  of the four Challenge crossings when I used it.

Further comments and information on Tramplite Shelters can be found by searching through Google.