Friday, 16 July 2010

MLD Trailstar - WOW!!!

My MLD Trailstar arrived yesterday! Six weeks to the day from when I placed the order.

Today I put it up in the garden. I re-read the MLD blurb on how to put it up; and, I re-read Colin Ibbotson's description - before trying to put it up.

Colin is right - if you take more than 2 mins to put this shelter up, you are doing it wrong!!

Tensioning it to that twang perfection had to wait until my second attempt at pitching - and I had to re-read Colin's advice on how to achieve the tension he describes.

I'm waiting for a dry day to do the seam sealing.

All my faffing aound with previous tarp arrangements - and tarps bought! (Selling a load of gear on eBay - has mitigated this expenditure!)

If only I had gone for the Trailstar!!

Spacious, easy to pitch, able to withstand high winds ............. Thanks to the reviews on BPL, and Colin's excellent review of the Trailstar, I'm, now, also a member of the Trailstar appreciation club!

I can't wait to use this masterpiece of design for real. It really is something else.