Saturday 21 April 2012

PHD Alpamayo Smock - Even better!

Alpamayo Waterproof Smock

This is the latest version of the PHD Alpamayo Smock and they have improved the zips to be fully waterproof - YKK Aquaseal zips. The material remains the same and they have reduced the weight by 10 grams (my original weighed in at 435 grams). The price has increased, but I would still rate the Alpamayo over the competition, as I said in my testimonial write up for PHD.

"The material has a soft feel and even on the really wet days kept me perfectly dry. Breathability is good as I never once noticed any wetting up inside; even when working hard going uphill in the wind and rain. I especially like the length of the Alpamayo, and although it only weighs 425 grams, it is a full four season jacket. I considered many lightweight jackets/smocks but am pleased that I chose the Alpamayo. Other jackets may be lighter, but, in my view, they don't match up to the Alpamayo for specifications and performance." Gordon Green.

I love it. It is by far the best waterproof I've ever owned. It is lightweight without the fault of other lightweight jackets - being too short, or, too tightly sized. Mine is long and fits well with a down jacket underneath, if necessary. A merino l/s base, Dri-clime vest, Litespeed windproof and PHD Alpamayo have been my all conditions/total comfort gear when moving.

And if anyone is quick there's an original PHD Alpamayo on the PHD website - Bargain Box - for £150, if you are XL.

PHD make superb down gear too and the PHD Minim 300 has been my all temperatures/total comfort sleeping bag for the past few years. I layer it up with a Black Rock down hat, lightweight down pullover/vest, down trousers, and down socks in a mix/match combination for all the temperatures that may be met. I've been well below minus 5 C with the extra down layers. And, nearly all the down gear I have is PHD. The exception is my Rab Summit which is still giving great service after years and years of use.

I don't do reviews, as such, but I am so passionate about PHD gear - can't you tell !! 


  1. Gordon, I rate PHD gear as well. The down gear I have is superb. Any idea how HS3 compares to eVent in breathability?

    1. Hi Mark,

      I can't directly compare the two, never having had any eVent gear.

      All I can say is that I've used the Alpamayo many times now and have not been troubled, in any way, by wetting up inside.
      I can imagine that PHD did their homework on HS3 and aimed to get it as breathable as possible.

      I don't wear much under the Alpamayo - l/s merino base, Dri-clime vest, windshirt and the Alpamayo would be my max even in v cold conditions. It still makes me smile when I see folk setting off with multiple layers on - and then wonder why their waterproof dosn't breath properly.

  2. I wish they would change the colour. It looks like something a road mender would wear. I like it other than this point.