Sunday 23 November 2014


Andy Howell took delivery of the first of a limited run of Colin Ibbotson's Tramplite Shelter.

Here are his initial views.

I feel privileged to be in line for the penultimate model.

Andy and Martin Rye @Rye1966 have used the term and I can only echo: Genius!

Delivery will be in January.


  1. I saw it pitched almost next to the Zpacks offering and i studied the movement of said tents in the strong winds we had in Montrose in May for a few hours. One of the Zpacks tents was felled (maybe it was just poorly pitched) but Colin’s was as a rock. I was impressed. Good luck to Colin with it and i look forward to reading your first outing.

    1. Hi Alan,

      I took a photo of the collapsed Z Packs Hexamid and it has appeared on Twitter a few times. To be fair it was badly pitched.

      I had seen Colin's prototype on his Blog some time ago and thought - I wish.

      After a good chat with Colin at Montrose, I had no hesitation in placing an order it. I say "it", as Colin was going to develop and test and refine the shelter into what has appeared as the finished product. He kept me/the others informed of how the development was going and this process, in itself was fascinating. The attention to detail is just so Colin. And, thanks to Andy, it had come to wider attention.

      I feel fortunate to be in the queue for what I would term a "Classic" shelter.

    2. I'm lucky enough to have no.2 on its way to me today. I'll echo Gordon's comments. Colin kept us informed all the way through and his attention to detail is astounding.Can't wait to get it out in the hills ��

    3. Good news, David. Have a great time with it.

      I look forward (understatement!) to getting mine in the New Year.

      I'll be ready for the hills as soon as mine arrives.