Tuesday 26 August 2014

A STORMY NIGHT (MLD Trailstar stars)


At 3.30 am I put on my waterproofs. There
was no way I was going to sleep. My 
camping place was as planned - at the 
bealach below Stob Coir' an Albannaich,
high above Glen Etive. But the ground was 
waterlogged, meaning I'd had to triple-
stake three of my shelter's five main anchor
points - and now the wind and rain were 
swirling around the bealach, hitting the
Trailstar from all directions.
       Although I got into my sleeping bag and
bivvy bag I was afraid to go to sleep for fear
of waking up to find that my shelter had
been blown away: the Trailstar is a tarp! I 
stayed dry and reasonably comfortable until 
I decided to pack up at 6.30, delighted that 
the shelter had stayed up.
      I packed up in the storm before 
heading down to Loch Dochard and on to 
Kingshouse. That night, despite more strong 
wind and rain, and waterlogged ground, I 
slept warm and dry, secure in the knowledge 
that the tarp would stay up.
     Was I mad - not using a tent? No! Every 
night that I camped I was dry, warm and 
comfortable. My shelter was light, spacious
and easy to put up. And it coped with the 
exceptional weather that marked the 2011
TGO Challenge.
     Would I use it again on the Challenge?
Definately, but next time I'd take longer
and stronger stakes!
Gordon Green (Challenger 117)

This was published in the October 2011 issue of the TGO Magazine (The Great Outdoors Magazine)

 At the bealach
 At the bealach
Near Kingshouse

My account of my 2011 TGO Challenge - from Oban to St. Cyrus - is here:


In 2011 the MLD Trailstar was still a relatively new kid on the block. Although it had been on sale by Mountain Laurel Designs for some years before, it hadn't become fairly common place in the UK. I got mine in July 2010 after reading an excellent review by Colin Ibbotson:


Now Trailstars are a much more common place shelter on the hills. The design is superb and the MLD Trailstar now has a reputation for being able to cope with very stormy weather. In 2011, I must confess, I was not so sure on that second night of the TGO.


  1. Let me know when you sell your TS, I would be very interested that's if I can last that long before I need to buy more kit! It is very difficult going cold turkey and not buying something new & shiny on a regular basis :-)