Tuesday 8 May 2012

TGO 2012 - like a caged gerbil!

Well, I've packed - but will unpack and pack again.

I'm going up to Fort William tomorrow.

I'm not a calm traveller. I need an extra day to calm down.

So, tomorrow it's the Grog and Gruel, followed by a curry and then back to the Bank Street Hostel.

Thursday, it's Lochailort.

Until I catch my train at 0630 in the morning I'll be like a caged gerbil - pouncing around, up and down and round and round.

Nirvana help anyone who tries to talk to me in the gym this afternoon.

I look forward to meeting old faces and new faces on this, my third TGO.

Have a good one.


  1. We're off tomorrow evening too - on the sleeper from Euston, arriving in Glasgow on Thursday morning for the meet in Queen Street Station.

    Good luck Gordon! Weather forecast not looking at all horrible, at the moment...

  2. See you soon Gordon.
    No idea where though, so might not be soon.

    Wherever :)

  3. Have a good one Gordon! My nerves are shredded, feeling sick at breakfast and can't sleep. I'm hoping all the walking and fresh air will sort me out! Catch up with you in Montrose I suspect.