Sunday 6 May 2012

TGO 2012 - A cold one? Get on Down

Will this year's TGO be cold?

A last minute flurry of activity on the TGO Forum.

A lot of speculation about the weather conditions.

Most anticipate a cold trip.

I'm only making one concession to the cold.

Minimus Down Trousers |  price: £158.00

Instead of my Berghaus longjohns I'm taking my PHD Minimus down trousers. The weight difference is around 30 grms.

I know this extra weight could be crucial, but, hey, it might be the difference between a warm and cosy sleep and a not so warm and cosy sleep. Although, last time I wore the down trousers for sleeping in I was too hot! And, ......................that was in early March.

So that is all I will do. All the rest of my gear is my normal stuff.

But, it does mean that I'm now right on down.

Ultra Down Vest |  price: £149.00Minimus Down Socks |  price: £72.00The Black Rock HatMinim 400 Down Sleeping Bag |  price: £265.00

My normal stuff does now include my Patagonia Nano Puff pullover.

Patagonia Men's Nano Puff® Pullover

 I found that there was just that bit more flexibility using these two rather than the Ultra Down pullover.


Bring it on.

Get on down - head to toe!

Bye for now. Got to get ready for Wednesday.


  1. A shrewd move, Gordon.
    I have just added things to my own spare clothes bag. It had, until a few moments ago, only included 1 spare pair of shreddies (men's - see Jeremy's kitlist on the Message Board) and one spare pair of socks.
    It now includes an old pair of Ronhill's trackster treks and a TNF insulated Gilet as well!

    1. Hi Alan,

      I was going to copy Jeremy's list, but, it would take me ages to find the right colour ladies undies with the little lace frilly bits and strategic bits cut out.........

      .......... Ooops, wrong Blog!!

  2. What.
    No lingerie boys.
    I am sure PHD could knock up a nice two piece set :)

    1. I'm in negotiations with PHD now.

      Us 'ard folk don't need a two piece though, Andrew, do we?