Saturday 17 March 2012

TGO 2012 My route outline


There's a new craze sweeping across computers all over the World.

But, not to be left out in the World of Boggersphereland - here is an outline of the route I'll be taking in May.

Yea, I'm copying others, but I like thinking positive thoughts about May too!.

Total distance is 327 k and there are 17 Munros along the way.

There is no map, very simply, because I don't know how to attach a map!

The outline is just a list of starting and finishing points. If you take it that any Munro within the general direction from A to B, will be gone over, this will give some idea of the detail. One Munro is missed out because I've already been up and down it, but all the others are new to the list-ticking. (I don't like list-ticking! I do like the opportunity to be in Nirvana land!)

The other thing about my route this year is that I intend to stay up in the clouds. All the bits between the Munros will be as high as I can make them. Last year I killed my feet crossing endless, pathless, heather, and, peat, and, potholes .............................. I hate heather! As most of the heather was lower down, I'm going higher!

(I know .............. I'll still get endless, pathless, heather, and, peat, and, potholes - but I'm into positive thinking!)

The start is at Lochailort. (Hotel)
Then day 1 is to Oban Bothy (camp)
Day 2 is to Gualann nan Osna (camp)
Day 3 is to Invermallie Bothy (camp)
Day 4 is to Laggan (Hostel)
Day 5 is to Garve Bridge (camp)
Day 6 is to Newtonmore (Hostel)
Day 7 is to Minigaig (camp)
Day 8 is to path E of Loch Tilt (camp)
Day 9 is to Spittal of Glenshee (camp)
Day 10 is to Glen Clova (Bunkhouse)
Day 11 is to Tarfside (camp)
Day 12 is to North Water Bridge (camp)
Day 13 is to Montrose (Hotel)

This year, unlike last year, will not be too warm/not be too cold. Any rain will fall at night. There will be slight breezes to blow off any midges. Ticks will stick to deer and sheepI will manage to climb all the Munros on my route this year.

 In  my dreams!

I'll be using my Trailstar again.

Last week I did a 6 day trip in the Peak District (around the TGO dinner at the Snake Pass Inn) and used the gear I'll be using on the TGOC. Only problem is that the nights under the Trailstar were too warm! May cut down on the down.

54 days to go.



  1. That sounds like a biggie...
    If you have maps on your computer I can let you know how to put them on your blog. It's quite easy.
    Let me know?

    1. Hi Alan,

      Reports from your batman (at Snake Pass) are not tiptop. Hope you are going to be in fine fettle for May.

      I wasn't going to bother with maps, but, if there is a simple way for computer-illiterates like wot I am to put them on it would be good to know. BTW I was raised on FORTRAN.

  2. Righty ho.
    If you have mapping software, fill your screen with the map with your route filling it up nicely. Then hit the buttons "Fn" and "Prnt Scrn" together (they are usually in a pretty blue).
    Nothing appears to be happening - but don't worry.
    Open up your Paint programme (or whatever programme you like to use to manipulate pictures).
    Make a new file and give it a name you'll remember and hit "Ctrl" and "V" together and Lordy Lordy (!) your map will appear as a picture.
    Save it somewhere you won't forget and then just load the picture of the map as you would any other picture to your blog.

    This May should be fine for me, but I'm not so sure about next May - I am going on the list for spare parts and until then I will need regular oil changes, so backpacking becomes a problem until the spares turn up...
    Ho hum!

  3. Oh +^$*ery, Alan,

    What have I started? All my buttons are black! I don't have an "Fn" button, and ............... I don't know how to do my route on one simples sheet.

    Perhaps better to let this one go by!

    Hope the oil changes are not too much problem.

  4. I wasn't going to bother with maps, but, if there is a simple way for computer-illiterates like wot I am to put them on it would be good to know. BTW I was raised on FORTRAN.

    That will be Fortran 77 then.
    Logical but horrid!

    Did you plan your route on any sort of mapping software then Gordon?
    If so, I could do you an interactive do dah for you no probs.

    Let me know and I will email you.

    Just because, I would love to see your route in detail, because it looks like a cracker!

    Seam sealed the Trailstar today (I have the yellow one :)....)
    And Sean has delivered my girlie Oooknest! (Wonderful)

    Just need to get it into a hill to test it out,
    or I will be taking the tried and tested Wendy on the Challenge.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Just back from Scotland - 7 glorious days with 10 mins of rain! (That's ten minutes worth of rain - that actually fell on me - in 7 days!)

    I'll do a write up of the trip later. Included a 750m camp in the Trailstar.

    Those FORTRAN days! I had it at Uni - and got a 3rd year to do my project for me! Ugh!

    Route is superb. I just hope the weather plays ball. And the Forestry Commission (see TGO Notice Board).

    Not long now to 11 May - roll on.