Monday 20 June 2022

X-Mid 1p Version 1 NOW SOLD

Dan Durston X-Mid 1p. NOW SOLD

 Payment by bank transfer.

This is the original version of the X-Mid.
It has been used for a few trips and on the last TGO Challenge. 

 It is used, but, has not been abused. 

 The original main guy lines and the corner guys were replaced with Lawson Glowire. This is also attached to the short side stake out points. There are small bungee loops at the additional peg out points. The shorter lines that fix the inner to the outer were replaced with bungee cord to make it easier to connect ( the original line was a bit tight in use ) The inner has always been used with a polycro ground cover under it. 

 STAKES are NOT included. I use 6 x 9" Easton Alloys and shepherd hook titanium pins. 

 There are many videos of this version of the X-Mid on YouTube and plenty of sources of information and Questions and Answers on it. It was sold on DROP and this site contains Q and A involving Dan Durston himself. 

Those on some of the Bankpacking Forums will know that Dan has been very good at participating in discussions about the X-Mid. 

 It is, in IMO, a brilliant tent - so why's it for sale? 

 Very simply, I'm getting the latest Vesion of the X-Mid 1p - with a solid inner in a few weeks time. 

 I had thought to keep this and use the mesh inner in the new X-Mid, but I would probably use the mesh less than the solid inner. The latest version of the X-Mid 1p - with a mesh inner sold out on minutes. The version with a solid inner sold out very quickly. To be clear - many have used the mesh inner in winter, including me. 

There will be more X-Mids - later versions - available later this year and into next year.

If people wait the chances of getting one will be better than they have been. They will be well priced in the USA but, the costs will go up considerably to get it to the UK. The shipping costs including taxes etc for the X-Mid solid 1p are in excess of $160. Factor this in for any comparisons on price.

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