Saturday 2 May 2015

TGO 2015 Gear List

Only a few days to the off.

Here is what goes in and on ...............

Shelter and Sleeping

Tramplite Shelter - a hand-made cuben masterpiece with an inner, and weighing in at around

650 grms

Wickes secondary glazing - goes under the cuben floor for protection. 

Stakes - Mix of Tornados (2) Groundhogs (2) and Spears (4). 2 "spares"

PHD Minim 400 - works well with the inner, as it has a full length zip

TheromorestX lite + inflation bag - worked well last year and has done many trips since.

Exped pillow - I'm fed up with lumpy stuffed dry bags

Dry bags 


Montane trousers - special edition; good in wind and will shed a few showers.

Integral Designs Short gaiters - keeps out small stones etc.

Rohan Pants - years old and great

Smartwool PHD socks

La Sportiva Wildcat 2s carpet slippers comfort.

Marmot Dri-clime vest - works well under windshirt or just over base.


Arcteryx LS Merino top - an old favourite.


Gossamer Gear Gorilla - eats up all my gear with ease.

Extremities fleece gloves

Extremities Tuff bags

Buffalo Mitts

Black Rock Down hat

OMM beanie

Montane cap

PHD Alpamayo Smock - ace; best waterproof ever.

Berghaus Paclites

Bed socks x 2

Arcteryx Squarmish Windjacket - the best.

PHD Ultra Vest - cosy.

Rohan Spark pullover -  best 40 grm top I've seen. Light and can go over PHD vest.

As Tucas Sestrals - warmth around camp and in sleeping bag.

SS merino top

Spare Rohan pants

Spare Smartwool PHD socks

Hi tec Zuuks

PHD Down socks - worth their weight in saffron. Cosy in sleeping bag.

Compass (2)

Maps - cut up.

TGO Route sheet

MSR Blizzard stake (toilet trowel)

Kitchen roll (toilet paper)


Petzl E-lite

Pen and paper

Tool card

Credit card/CAMRAcard/SYHA/Rail pass/tickets

Reading glasses

First aid kit

EasyAcc charger 

HTC One M9 - camera/gps/viewranger mapping/music

Headphones - light in ear ones

Toothbrush - sawn down...

 Dr Bronner's soap - wash everything and "toothpaste"

Tiny towel

Small comb

Hand wash

Footcreme - in tiny zip loc bags

Sunscreen - in tiny zip loc bags

Black Diamond Carbon flicklock poles


DX stove and stand - years old and reliable.

Tibetan 900 mug - holds DX + matches + lighters

Windshield - radiator insulation.

Food pouch 

2 long spoons

Matches and lighters

2L Platypus 

Zip loc pee bags





  1. Treat yourself to some new pants Gordon :-)

    1. No way!

      I love them :-)

      Might give them a wash one day though.......