Monday 24 February 2014

TGO 2014 - "....there goes a complete looney tunes ....."

Just as a follow up to my gear post: it occured to me that there was one essential missing.

It costs nothing!

If you read my account of 2011 TGO Challenge you'll get where I'm coming from.

In 2011, I think I'm right in saying that it rained every day for the crossing.

My second, very stormy, night was in a high bealach above Glen Etive:

"But despite this all and no sleep, the shelter stayed up and I remained in good spirits."

Later, I developed sore toes and a magnetism for heather.

Before decending to Spital of Glenshee I had sat down and twisted the water out of my

socks and then put them back on with my wet boots.

I was tired and had to be careful picking my way down the path but, as I wrote:

"So, there goes a complete looney tunes singing 10 green bottles"

The missing essential is nothing new or revolutionary, but without it any backpacking trip is

going to be prone to be an uncomfortable experience at best, and, result in failure, at worst.

It's attitude.

Forget the gear and the weight of it. Without this free essential you risk having a memorable

experience. Bad memories are not like good ones.

(Nothing new or original about this type of post but without the right attitude things that seem bad can seem much worse)


  1. I totally agree, Gordon. If you don't have the right attitude you are setting yourself up for a shed load of misery, and possibly bad decisions, when situations are less than favorable.

    Good luck on your crossing, Gordon. Not long now! :)

    1. Thanks, Bryan.
      Hope to see you on the TGO again one year.

    2. I've only been on the Challenge once, in 2012, but I get very excited at this time of year when everyone is talking about it, I miss it. There is a very good chance I'll be on it again soon.

  2. Good man. Go smash it and enjoy. Heck bit cold. rain and snow is all part of the experience.

  3. Thanks, Martin.
    I'm more in fear of it being too hot, so, anything else is a bonus.
    Get yourself geared up for 2015, the Challenge needs characters like you.