Monday 2 December 2013

My first TGO Challenge Strathcarron to St Cyrus in 2009

Thanks to the help of Phil Lambert who runs Doodlecat, my first TGO Challenge was given a professional polish and published on Doodlecat.

For anyone who wants to read some great accounts of the TGO over the years then Doodlecat is the place where many are gathered.

Well worth a read.

My first Challenge was memorable. It was special.

I was criticised by my Vetter for copying other accounts. Not true!

But, in those days, ok only 2009, I didn't know what I now know about routes and route planning.

I've also, now, climbed over 200 Munros: so, I'm getting to know my way around a bit.

I took what is commonly termed a "Trade Route" which basically takes all the well trod "easy" corridors across Scotland.

My planning has improved, as has my knowledge of Scotland, and I no longer do "Trade Routes".

So, here it is; my first.

I'll soon be getting my Vetters comments back on my route for the 2014 TGO. I'll be posting more on this later in the month.

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