Monday 11 November 2013

Remembrance on Great Gable

Every year there is a Remembrance on Great Gable for those who died in the First World War.

It is a gathering of around 200 people.

They come from all directions to the top of Great Gable.
Those who came up from Wasdale Head to the Bealach between Kirk Fell and Great Gable were rewarded with an icy scramble over the rocks.

A few words are said.
Some years the weather can be atrocious.
This year the weather was magnificent.
At just after 1100 the Sun managed to break through the clouds.
For one person this day had a special significence. Ashes were being scattered.
The Sun got to work on the last of the clouds.


Wasdale is my favourite Lakeland valley.
I didn't realise about the Remembrance on top of Great Gable until many years ago when I just happened to be in Wasdale on the Remembrance weekend.
It is a special occasion, and, if you are able to get to Great Gable on the Remembrance Sunday, it is a very moving event.