Saturday 1 June 2013

TGO 2013 MY Planned Gear - update - ie what I took

Back on 23 February I posted my planned gear for this years TGO.

This is a brief update. I.e. what I actually took.

Like most, I tweaked the planned gear.

I added:

-  a headnet - used once

-  Buffalo Mitts - used a lot

-  Gerwol foot cream in a plastic bottle - used a couple of days

-  Source  P bottle - used

-  2 J cloths

and I took my Tibitan 900 pot instead of the Alpkit mug.

I didn't take my Keen Targee 2's or my Crocs as I wore the La Sportiva Wildcat 2's.

When I stood on the scales with my full pack and three days food together with waterproofs the pack weight was 9.2k. My poles were extra.

I didn't used the fleece gloves or the Tuff Bags.

I'm a fully converted Trail shoe user.

The La Sportiva Wildcat 2's were like carpet slippers except that they got me over all the varieties of terrain that I encountered with no problems.

There were one or two, er, comments made en-route about lightweight gear - and I was by no way the lightest.

All the gear worked well and I was well within my comfort zones.

I never thought for one minute that I was missing anything necessary for comfort and safety.

I would not criticise anyone who took a heavier pack, or, wore more substantial footwear.

I did take a heavier pack and wore more substantial footwear - at one time.  

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