Tuesday 28 February 2012

Boiling water - KISS.

What's the hurry?



My hot food requirements are simple. Soup and dehydrated meal eg MX3, or Mountain House etc.,  for dinner ..............................and coffee for breakfast (with breakfast bars)

Gas or Meths?

Gas is quick. Meths is slow.

Just had a look at the TGO Notice board which has a thread on a Jet Boil problem - the original issue was raised on BPL.com. (Have you seen a Jetboil - like a Saturn rocket : keep that stable with a heavy payload, ie water!)

In the BPL.com thread is an obvious question - what's the rush?

Years ago I had a gas stove malfunction - luckily there was a pub nearby. Now, I just don't trust gas.

Now I use meths.

Which meths stove?

But I got to thinking - of all the meths stoves I have which works best for me?

(I use some building insulation material as a wrap-around windshield - same as used for pouch cosy's etc)

  • On the TGO last year I used an Evernew DX stove and DX stand. Works fine. A little thirsty on meths.
  • My pepsi stove works fine; it too is thirsty.
  • Caldera Cone works fine and is fuel efficient: but (heresy!) is too fiddly for me... and bulky.
  • Trangia stove with Evernew Trivet, works fine and is fuel efficient.
  • Evernew DX stove with Evernew Trivet, works fine, but, not fuel efficient.
  • Evernew DX stove by itself; very slow but fuel efficient. 575 mls water boiled in 15/20 mins with 30 mls of meths.
What's the hurry?

I know the arguement goes along the lines that: at the end of a hard day it's good to get some hot food or liquid inside you asap.

But, what's the hurry?

For me it's time to relax at the end of a hard day.

So, for me the scene goes: arrive at camp spot and put up Trailstar. Put stove on to heat water................ Outside: if on a good day with no rain and little wind, or, inside if not.
Boil water and make soup: use 575 mls for Knorr soup or similar and mix in a microwave/roasting bag. While water is boiling - unpack backpack and sort out gear. Relax.

Put more water on for dehydrated meal .....about 400 mls, so boiling time is less.
Let soup cool down ........and consume. ..........Relax.
Pour water into dehydrated meal and let dehydrated meal rehydrate..... and consume. .......Relax.

Simple. 60 mls of meths boils 1150 mls of water. Allow 100 mls to do coffee (breakfast) and dinner. Maximum fuel carried = 3 days = 300 mls.

No rush, no fuss, simple and straightforward. Nothing to go wrong.


Yes, but, what's the hurry?

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