Thursday 8 December 2011

TGO Challenge 2012 - Vetted.

Like many folk who are waiting for their route to be vetted, I kept an anxious eye on my e-mail inbox.

This morning John's e-mail arrived!

I was just a little bit envious of Louise - having her route vetted without the need to change anything.

And, of course, my previous TGO route plans were well vetted!

Especially, last year when I was aiming for 19 Munros.
The weather intefered .................and I did 2!
Even my FWAs had FWAs in places!

So, I put in a more sedate aim - 17 Munros: none of which I've done before.

Can you imagine the smugnessossity that comes with a "very interesting" route that is OKed without change?

All I need to do now is do it!

The weather can't be as bad as it was last year - can it?
(oh, yes it can!)

1 comment:

  1. Well done, that man!

    Andy Walker & I lined in our own route today over Her Madge's wonderful electronic wireless telephone apparatus thingies while I was eating orange segments, drinking coffee and trying to scroll Anquet and Andy was ntioonally "working from home"
    The result of all this is one very sticky laptop.
    And a route, with some quite longish days, quite a few (loads, in fact) hilly bits and one heck of a lot of remote bits.
    The important thing is that we arrive in Baremar on Saturday, quite late, but probably in time for Bingo Wings.
    Sunday is Stan&Bills. Natch.
    I shall now go and break out the wet-wipes as the capitals don't seem to be working properly.

    We also need to do the contour, kilometre stuff as well.... Should be interesting, this year...