Monday 15 February 2010

Tarps - nothing new under the rain

Just been reading the blurb on the AGG 10' tarp set up - with vestibule.

This is the same -ish set up as I arrived, at last year, by trial and error. Admittedly I came off the back of looking at Hex 3's and MLD Monk tarps.

My only - oh-I-wish - is that the BPL (UK) Solo tarp was 10' instead of just under 9'. This would mean that I could get the ends right down to the ground.

Still, all I do is put my sac, with a small piece of plastic behind my head to acheive pretty sound weather protection. I could lower the pole to get the ends down more, or, I could bring the ends down but reduce the headroom. But, I'm happy with the raised ends. I used the BPL (UK) Micro Tarp as the vestibule (not in position on the photo - and not needed in good weather: as if)

And, or course, I'm still working out a configuration using Alpkit's 10 x 8 tarp.

It's fun trying out different set ups. But no matter which way I do things there's nothing that someone will not have tried before.


  1. That's an interesting configuration - though presumably you have to be fairly sure that any wind won't shift direction very much?

  2. I love the set up. As yet I've yet to have any trouble with wind - so to speak. I try to get a level pitch with shelter from the wind. The temptation at the moment is to buy an MLD Duomid. The more I look at it, the more I think - NO! The BLP Solo tarp is light enough. The Micro tarp is nothing. Th main thing to me is space to move around in. Balance the weight, and space, and, minor weather worries and the set up I've used is on par, if not better than my Akto. I would not pitch an Akto in really bad weather, in an exposed location. If I think of many of the wild pitches I've done, exposure has been minimised as much as possible.