Wednesday 29 June 2022

Terra Nova Southern Cross 1 + Footprint SOLD

The Terra Nova is a full on 4 Season tent. 

It's based on the Laser Comp.  

It weighs in at 1.7k. 

Those familiar with the Laser Comp will know that that tent can cope fairly well in very windy  conditions. 

The additional pole structure on the Southern Cross 1 makes it very robust - able to stand up to almost anything. 

It also makes the tent freestanding: easy to reposition if necessary.

It's for sale for £295 + £10 to cover postage.  Payment by bank transfer.

Full details on this tent can be found on the Terra Nova website. 

There are also videos of it on You Tube and a number of reviews of it can easily be found.

This one comes with a Terra Nova footprint as well.

It has not been greatly used and is in very good condition. It is complete with the original Terra Nova Stakes. 

The inner tent can be packed with the outer tent - as one. 

It can also be separated if the outer is wet. 

I've usually separated the inner from the outer for packing. 

The outer is easy to pitch and goes up in a matter of minutes.

It takes very little time to take down or put up the inner.

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  1. Hi Gordon, is this tent still available?