Saturday 21 November 2015

Gear List for TGO Challenge 2016

It's early days, but, as my gear choices remain more or less the same year-on-year, I've arrived at my gear list for the The Great Outdoors Challenge in May next year.

My choice is dictated by the need to be comfortable and safe in the sort of conditions I could expect to find in Scotland in May. In other words, 4 seasons.

I've finally treated myself to an accurate pair of scales. Previously I used a spring balance - as used by fisher-folk.

The list is virtually the same as last year and the combination of gear which can be worn inside my sleeping bag means that I can be comfortable in temperatures that dip well below freezing. 

Here is the excerpt from my spreedsheet:

Shelter and sleepingWeights in grms
Tramplite Cuben Shelter675
Wickes secondary glasing film105
Stakes - Easton Alloys in bag155
PHD Minim Marathon S/Bag545
Thermorest Xlite sleeping mat365
Inflation bag for Xlite mat98
Exped Pillow46
Cuben dry bags45
Montane special edition trousers421
OR short gaiters203
Rohan pants45
Smartwool Socks93
Innov8 290 mids888
Marmot Dri-clime vest215
Arctyrx LS merino base top320
Rab Boreas291
Gossamer Gear Gorilla pack920
Extremities fleece gloves52
Extremities Tuff Bags75
Buffalo Mitts80
Black Rock Down Hat28
Montane Cap67
PHD Alpamayo Smock463
Berghaus Paclite waterproofs231
Bed socks (liner socks)33
Arctyrx Squarmish windshirt169
PHD 1000 fill Vest94
Rohan Spark Top239
As Tucas Sestrals trousers210
Rab SS top86
Spare Rohan Pants45
2 prs Rohan Boxer pants84
Spare Smartwool socks93
Hi Tec Zuuks351
PHD Down Socks127
MSR Blizzard Stake (toilet trowel20
Kitchen Roll (toilet paper)30
Petzl E-lite27
Credit card + rail pass25
Reading glasses in case102
First Aid Kit151
Leatherman knife58
Easy Acc Charger 10000mAh233
Leads and plugs68
HTC One M9181
Dr. Bronners liquid soap26
Small towel73
Black Diamond Carbon Poles503
DX Stove and Stand103
Tibetan 900 Pot152
Kichen roll30
Windshield (radiator insulation)38
Lighter and matches34
Pouch for dehydrated meals30
Fuel bottles x 3372
3 1L collapsable bottles90
Zip lock pee bags x 322
3 days food1800
Whisky x 3372

Weight worn and carried comes to 10761 grms.

With food and whisky for 3 days total weight worn and carried comes to 12933 grms.

Weight carried comes to 10457 grms which includes 3 days food and whisky.

Every piece of gear has been well tried and tested.

It's my list - born from experience - and is not necessarily what may suit others. 


  1. Berghaus Paclite waterproofs 231gms? Mine weigh more.
    It would be helpful if people mentioned how much gear weighs when wet. The Hilleberg Enan, for example is about 5lb wet, and in the UK one would often have to carry it wet all day. Useful list though: thanks.

    1. Should have said waterproof overtrousers.
      I appreciate that gear weighs more when wet, but it would be hard to weigh wet gear. To my knowledge, all gear lists are dry weight.
      Cuben fibre doesn't absorb water as much as Silnylon, but any wet tent and pack will add to the weight.

  2. Your pack weight always impresses!

  3. Your pack weight always impresses!

  4. Gordon i know this is going to sound like a daft question but what's the wickes secondry glazing film for .

    1. I will make a guess Chris, Tent footprint.

    2. Not daft at all, Chris.

      I use it under the outer to protect, and, keep clean, the cuben floor of the inner. I use more than is absolutely necessary. I used it when I had my Trailstar and bivy. It's very strong, cheap and light.

  5. Nice list Gordon - I too use a Gorilla and PHD smock and rate them both highly. How would you say your Tramplite shelter compares to the Trailstar? My fingers are hovering over the 'pay now' tab on the MLD site but I keep hesitating in case something comes along that might be better suited to Scottish weather. I'm also looking at some offerings from Tarptent and Trekkertent. Interested to know why you decided to part with the TS in the end.
    Cheers. Pete, Scotland.

    1. Hi Pete, the Trailstar is a great shelter and I still miss it in many ways. The main issue I had was that an inner would have been too cramped. I used a bivy bag for the years I had it. I was OK with this, but, the Tramplite was a totally different story. Colin Ibbotson is tall and he designed the "prototype" to fit him (even though he used an MLD inner at first). It had a Trailstaresque pedigree ( based on Trailstar and Cricket)and will take storms just as well. I love it. Having an inner is a big plus over a bivy bag - especially when the weight is so low.

      Tarptent and Trekkertents have their fans, but I don't know how good they'd be in Scottish weather.

      I'd press "pay now" on an MLD Trailstar without hesitation. I only sold it on when I got the Tramplite.

  6. Great to see a kit list for this years challenge. Maybe our paths will cross in Scotland as im on it!

    1. Thanks Mark. I hope you have a good Challenge crossing. I enjoy the prospect of meeting both old and new folk on the Challenge. It's what makes it such an enjoyable experience.