Sunday 15 September 2013

I love the MLD Trailstar and like the MLD Cricket. But.......

..........................................I really wanted a shelter that was light, with an inner and which 

didn't weigh much. 

The Trailstar excelled at being light and storm-worthy, but none of the 

inners, such as Bearpaw or Oookworks were big enough for me.

 I'm against being stuffed into a tiny space when there is so much room under the Trailstar. 

My best way forward was to use a bivy bag and this combination has worked very well for me. 

Before I saw sense and got my Trailstar, I played with tarps and tarp setups for years.

These worked to a degree, but nothing holds a candle to the Trailstar. I got mine in 2010.

Looking at the Cricket Tent (which came out later) I am reminded of one of my more

sucessful tarp set ups:

My only hesitation in getting a Cricket Tent was - would I fit in it?

I'm glad I didn't go for the Cricket as the issue with an inner would be the same.

I decided to continue with the Trailstar and it has served me well.

So I kept on wanting.

A year later:

Now, imagine if the best bits of the MLD Trailstar and the MLD Cricket incorporated in one design - in cuben with a cuben floored inner. Imagine that it will be big enough for someone at 6'2". Imagine that the total weight will be around 630 grms (excluding stakes). I have seen the light prototype and am in line for the finished shelter early in 2015. 

This teaser is all for now. 

Suffice to say I will have much more on this unique shelter in the New Year.

Below is the MLD Cricket.



  1. The cricket is a great shelter, I love mine, I am 5'10" so can't really help you on size. However, the Oooktub (220 cm long), fits inside it with some space to spare. Sitting up height will not be a problem.

  2. Nothing as good as the Trailstar? ........Weight to wind resistance, flexible pitching options I agree. Overall best for backpacking I reckon not. Cricket is good for decent weather, sheltered pitches and Colin (Tramplite) is busy designing something different and a hybrid of it adding the best of other makes. Why? Go ask and get the full feedback on the Cricket. He is the man in the know.

    1. It was Colin's review of the Trailstar that made me decide to get one.

      His review of the Cricket tent is also very good.

      I like the idea of what Colin has done with the hybrid idea -as shown on Twitter.

      I'll keep my eyes open for what Colin ens up with. I could yet be tempted.

  3. I also looked with interest at the cricket, but i dont see it replacing my trailstar for TGO 2014.
    The more as my wife plans to hike it with me.... but even solo they was one night last year when i was happy to have more protection.

  4. Thanks guys.

    I guess this one falls into the category of: it if ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I used my tarps - years ago in a (no where near as good, but vaguely) similar set up to the Cricket and they could take a fair battering. But, i could not trust them for a 2 week cross Scotland trip.

    The Trailstar can take a real Scottish storm! And, as I use a bivy in preference to an inner set up, there is plenty of space.

    The trouble with gear nowadays is that it all looks so I-want-that-ishness.

    I will covet for a while longer :-)