Thursday 27 November 2014

Tramplite Shelter ..... more photos


Thanks to Andy Howell - who had the first production model - there are some further photos of this fantastic shelter.

(My "Genius" post has the link to Andy's first Blog post on the Tramplite Shelter.)

I first saw the prototype of this shelter on Colin's Blog, some time ago. I then met Colin in Montrose and saw the shelter for real. Here is the Blog post:

After a good discussion with Colin, I has no hesitation in placing an order for it. The only issue was that "it" had not been designed and tested and built.

Colin has developed and built a number of shelters over the years. The prototype that I saw was to be developed and refined .... and tested and further refined. The finished product that Andy now has, and others will get, has been thoroughly tested on Colin's last trip:  (You can click on Part 1 too)

This shelter weighs 670 grms and needs 6 stakes.

Here are the additional photos:

The attention to detail is just amazing.

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