Friday 15 April 2011

Where is the rain when you want it?

So, the plan was to go to the Peak District and get some wind and rain on my nice new waterproof.

It hardly rained all week!

With less than 4 weeks to the start of the TGOG .... and with so many public holidays (which I try to avoid!) it doesn't look like the PHD Alpamayo will get a proper test until I start the TGO. I'll probably head for Cannock Chase is the weather gets it's act together ...... and rains!

The highlight of my trip was doing the walk from Back Tor to Bleaklow Head and on down to Snake Pass Inn. All on 500 mls of water and on a boiling hot day!

Imagine my surprise and OMG moment when I discovered that the Snake Pass Inn was closed!
I hope this was not something serious - the sign said  due to "unforseen circumstances".

Luckily, I got my 2L platypus and pop bottle filled at the house nearby. I've camped by the river here a few times, but decided to cut over to Edale. Much of the water was gone by the time I reached Blackden Rigg.

I've used the Peak District as a sort of training ground for big walks, but had never walked the section between Bleaklow and Back Tor. Considering it was so dry, I only went in up to my knees twice. This is not a walk I would want to do in the wet.

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