Tuesday 8 June 2010

Damn! I succumbed to the lure - MLD Trailstar

I had a great walk last month from Fort William to Sheil Bridge (Ferry across the Loch).

This time I carried an Mld Cuben fibre Grace Duo tarp. As it happened, I used it once when I stayed in Inverie, camping by the shore. The other night were in Corryhully and Sourlies bothies.

I like the Grace Duo tarp. At Inverie it rained heavily overnight and I was very comfortable and dry.

I'm pretty sure the tarp can cope with moderate winds, but............. I would not want to use it high up in the hills, or on the TGOC. Keeping low, and using the Grace Duo, would nor concern me too much. Just need to get the right location.

So ................ what?

Then I re-read Colin Ibbotson's review of the MLD Trailstar.

That's it! It can cope with high winds - Colin knows his gear and I respect his opinion.

The order is placed. It should arrive early in August.

And, I'm watching the bidding on eBay for some gear I'm selling.

This will pay for the Trailstar.


  1. If it's outdoor gear let's have the link - it might help your bids!

  2. Hi Phil,

    Not sure how to do the link thing - but I have bidding on a TNF Nuptse Down Vest, 2 goretex bivvy bags and a Berghuas Paclite jacket. And no bids on a Antigravity gear tarp (new - not wanted because I've ordered the Trailstar!) I'm on eBay as aktovate1. Bidding ends on Saturday 12 June.