Wednesday, 1 May 2013

TGO 2013 The Solution

For years I've sought the solution.

For years the solution has eluded me.

But, now I've found the solution.

And, the solution was there all the time.

I just didn't see it.

So, what's the problem?

Well, my gear has been well tested.

I've been well tested too.

I'm expecting all sorts of weather on this year's Challenge and I'll try to ensure that I'm safe and comfortable in all the conditions that may prevail.

I'll wear trail shoes for the first time.

I'm planning to do a few Munros, but, not if conditions are unsafe.

I'm sure I will enjoy myself.

But, that longstanding problem was never fully addressed.

If you are of a sensitive disposition........ look away now.

What follows is an issue that all backpackers have to come to terms with.


I've tried going outside my Trailstar. Try that in a hoolie with cats and dogs!

I've tried going inside my Trailstar. (You .... well on the bits of uncovered ground.) Works, but not very nice!

I've used any sort of countainer I could find, over time. If I could find them.

I nearly got there with a milk carton. Used last year with a degree of success - but it's bulky.

And then it hit me.

I bought a Source water bladder, but didn't like the top. Consequently, I didn't use it much.

It's been in my heap of outdoor-stuff for some time.

My bladder of choice is a Platypus.

Then I saw the solution.

Cut the top of the Source container off. Fill it under the tap. It gains its this-will-stand-up-on-it's-own shape.

Of course I had to try it.

So a recent trip to Cumbria saw me use the modified Source container.

It works!!

Of course, it must be immediately emptied outside the Trailstar but this is so easy.

Now, I'm quite a hygenic sort of person, having seen folk with top and bottom projectile .................. you get the picture.

So, I use hand gel ..........and, I wash the container out after use. Not in a stream or burn - in case someone is downstream. This is easy - just pour water in from the Platypus (careful not to touch lips)

Once washed - and this is the post solution crux - it goes in the side pocket with my Trailstar. No bulk. Weighs next to nothing and will last ages.

So, this year's TGO will be well sourced.

Whatever the conditions this year, have a good time and pee safe.



  1. Don't ask how I know, but a small ziplock bag also works well...;-)

    1. Umm, that's, er, interesting .............. :-)

  2. My Leyland always takes a 1 litre mug. "You can't pee a litre" is his famous saying...

    1. Just imagine peeing 950 ccs .............. and then trying to empty it - without spilling it. :-)

  3. Large ziplock bag is always good Gordon. Large because there is less chance of missing :)

    1. Hi, Mark,

      These zip lock bags are popular.

      I have this image of trying to zip up a near-full bag - but, I'm sure this would be totally, er, wet.

      What I like about the Source thing is that it can free-stand for a second or two while getting into position to dump the contents outside.

  4. I always took a p-bottle with me but size really matters. This year I've tested a zip lock bag and it works well, it's free-standing, easy to empty, takes no space and weighs nothing and, very important, has a wide opening ;-)

    1. Hi Theo,

      Seems zip lock bags are the in thing.

      I'm happy with the Source bottle - but will be more so as long as I don't have any - er, accidents. This would be my concern with the zip lock bags. At least with the Source there is something to hold onto ........... getting into too much detail. :-)

      I love your start place - if you are going Knoydart Way. Have a great Crossing.

  5. Best of both worlds


    1. Yep, got a Nalgene-wide-mouth-cantene. I tried to find one years ago.